Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ecocomic Recession Watch: Spider Man Edition

The Amazing Spider Man #600 by Dan Slott and John Romita Jr. (2009)

Peter Parker is having more difficulty putting food on the table these days than usual. Especially as the newspaper industry is struggling during the recession, The Front Line is having more trouble paying its freelancer writers and photographers. Peter is in such debt, in fact, coupled with the loss of his roommate in a recent storyline, that he is at risk of missing Aunt May's rehearsal dinner and other major events in his personal life. Mind you, this is not anything new. But what's new is that he's missing it for his day job and not his crime fighting endeavors as Spider-Man. After all, as he notes, "web fluid doesn't grow on trees."

Meanwhile, J. Jonah Jameson is having troubles of his own as he struggles to infuse some funds into the stalled New York State economy, while trying to fend off an attack by Doctor Octopus and be circumspect about the state budget (despite the fact that he appropriated a significant amount of it towards an anti-Spider-Man task force).

It actually surprises me that the Governor has not called them in already. Is he unaware of this impending attack that is being broadcast on all television and radio stations, as well as over the internet? But yes, Jameson, the National Guard does eat up state funds as well as federal funds. In fact, in 2008, New York State funded about $43.2 million on its National Guard. I would say that's a lot of money to be spent when you could just call in Spider-Man. Another alternative is to call in New York's state defense force, the New York Guard, which are comprised primarily of volunteers. Of course, this might lead to concerns regarding whether there would be enough forces to take on Doctor Octopus and whether these volunteers have the appropriate incentives to perform adequately.

So what's Jameson's grand money-making plan? In typical fashion, it's misguided and irresponsible...

Can anyone actually explain the logic of this to me? How would girls in bikinis help the NYS economy? The reporter suggests that fashion retailers might start purchasing, but really? That's it? This is not rhetorical. I'm actually asking the readers for help in understanding Jameson's new plan!


E said...

One thing's for sure, they'll be doing some sort of stimulating.

Captain Noble said...

Maybe it could be a morale booster? People are more likely to spend money if they are in a good mood. Of course, this is only likely to work on 49% of the population or so.

All in all, while I am in favor of more hot bikini-clad women walking around, I'm not sure this is a good economic plan.

ajay said...

It's well known that skirt length correlates with the health of the economy: skirts are short when the economy's doing well, and long during a downturn.

Jameson has obviously had the dazzling insight that the causation flows the other way: it's not that having a strong economy makes people feel more optimistic and confident, and thus wear short skirts, but that having women wear short skirts makes people feel confident and optimistic and thus strengthens the economy.
And if short skirts are better than long skirts, then obviously no skirts at all would be best of all!

ShadowBanker said...

I think the skirt theory that Ajay mentions is great. Perhaps the skirts serve as the primary cause of the morale boost that Captain Noble proposes.

If this is the case, maybe Jameson should start working on changing the work dress code...

Mike@PVL said...

I was going to say increased tourism would come from having sexy babes wander the city.

But ajay's theory is even better

What I don't get is why he doesn't just let Doc Ock do his thing, I see so many examples of the broken window fallacy these days you would think JJ would be thrilled! Guess he hasn't read this yet:

ShadowBanker said...

Mike -- I don't really know how much that applies here, considering that Doc Ock is a lunatic. I mean, Jameson has political constituents to think about and he can't propose to them "Hey let's let this known villain rampage around." Besides, it's entirely conceivable that Jameson is worried about his own life (which would fit his character).

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