Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ecocomic Recession Watch: Streets of Gotham Edition

Streets of Gotham #2 by Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen (2009)

Hush, posing as Bruce Wayne, conceives of a devious (and quite unique) plan, using the economic recession as a justification (more later on this). He claims that the private sector is the most effective way to combat the crisis.

I never knew Bruce Wayne as a rabble-rouser, but do you think this will provoke the Obama administration and stir some contention in Washington? Certainly folks like Paul Krugman and Brad Delong should come out and speak against Bruce Wayne.


stuclach said...

Bruce Wayne (Hush) is right.
The stimulus package has not had the intended result (it may yet). The government cannot afford to grow, but the private sector has considerable growth potential. Overregulating small businesses isn't going to help that happen.

Gavin said...

Do we have any evidence yet that Tommy Elliot is providing a billion dollars to the private sector instead of directly to the city of Gotham or as, in effect, an NGO?

Although, if you wanted, you could make a good argument that since Elliot's goal is to bankrupt Wayne's heirs, that if he's giving the money to the city of Gotham, he's doing it because he knows it will be misappropriated and wasted. (Investments might turn a profit.)


Will said...

It is a fairly convulated theory being proposed by Hush. He says the private sector, but, in the panels not shown, he speaks about donating a billion dollars a month to Gotham until the crisis is averted. That is not really the "private sector" lifting the country out of the recession, but some quasi-Keynesian approach where the private sector funds, but the public sector sets the macroeconomic policies. In a sense, it is almost voluntary socialism.

Marcelo @ Frontier Economy said...

Didn't Bruce (not Hush) put a lot of money into Gotham's reconstruction after No Man's Land? It seems to me that -until we learn more about how Tommy deploys Bruce's money- this is WE's M.O., with just the scale raised a bit.

BTW, Baron Rothschild said "buy when there's blood in the streets." Considering how often large bits of Gotham have to be rebuilt (apparently, again to a vibrant economy), and how WE always seems to have cash at hand, it's not strange that the Waynes own a big part of the city. You just need the patience to keep buying everything that gets destroyed.

ShadowBanker said...

Gavin and Will -- I think you're both right. There really is no statement of where Hush is actually pouring this money. He might very well be giving it towards Gotham's public health care system or education.

Marcelo - Good point about Bruce donating all that money after No Man's Land, but I can't imagine it coming near $1 billion a month. Also in No Man's Land, there was federal government oversight for the rebuilding.

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