Monday, July 27, 2009

Dethklok and Killer Tomatoes

Dethklok Versus The Goon by Eric Powell (2009)

I don't know about this, Ofdensen. First of all, a tomato is actually a fruit, scientifically speaking. It is developed from the ovary in the base of a flowering plant and it contains the seeds of that plant. It has also been declared the state fruit of Ohio in 2006. It is only really a vegetable when referring to its culinary use, since tomatoes are typically used for savory cooking rather than sweet dishes. The Supreme Court did actually declare that tomatoes were subject to tariff duties like other vegetables in the 19th century. Nevertheless, when not talking about tariffs or cooking, tomatoes are fruits.

Secondly, I know that "manufacturing" generally refers to industrial production of goods, which includes factories, tools, conveyor belts, etc., but can "manufacturing" be used to refer to tomato production? According to the Census Bureau, agriculture is generally not manufacturing:

The materials, substances, or components transformed by manufacturing establishments are raw materials that are products of agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, or quarrying as well as products of other manufacturing establishments.

So farmers harvesting tomatoes is not considered manufacturing, but rather the tomatoes that are harvested can be used to manufacture other products. In any case, I think that Toki just hasn't made himself clear. Maybe he doesn't plan on growing and selling tomatoes, but tomato products, such as canned tomatoes. Or maybe what he really intends is to convert those agricultural products into some super death-metal, killer tomato monsters or something.

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And why is Ofdensen so quick to dismiss him? Dethklok could make a fortune manufacturing mutant tomatoes. Or even Dethklok brand Ketchup.


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